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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where did Christmas Go?

You'd almost think it was springtime!
I think it melted away  - it's almost 60 degrees outside and I actually have the front door open. Sometime around noon, LD will drive away and Christmas of 2010 will be but a sweet memory.

I spent the January 1 doing what I usually do; cleaning, luxuriating and writing. I am sure it's going to take the rest of the week to get all my thoughts on paper - but the big change this year will be scheduling times to touch base with my resolutions. Often, perhaps almost always, I write down lovely plans and then never look at them again. It's gratifying when some of them happen, but honestly, it would be much better if I actually checked in with them before next December 31.

I've knit almost 9 inches of skirt, which just leaves 11 inches +/- to go. I'm not decided on the eventual sleeve length, but for sure they won't stop at my elbows ... where they do right now. Most unflattering line.

Today it will be knitting and soup for dinner. We've eaten enough rich food to fatten us up for the winter. Though there are still some snowy months ahead, sleeveless dresses are not far away. And why ever did I schedule my annual physical for Tuesday? Ugh. Those scales at the doctor's office are just waiting to shame me in public. Ah well. Every bite was delicious.

Soft sweet Sunday to you all.

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  1. "Today it will be knitting and soup for dinner." ? Are you dipping that knitting in your soup before you chow down? Or making soup from your knitting? Or...? ;-)

    Have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine; we have flurries and blowing snow here...