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Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Chanel Jacket progress shot

I thought I would be showing you proof positive that it's time for me to start the edge treatment on my Happy Chanel Jacket, but as I look at this photo I am wondering if it needs to be another inch longer. I tried it on last night and was sure, but I am also sure I want to be able to wear a turtleneck outside my waistband if I choose to, and not have it sticking out beneath the bottom of the HCJ. And I have definitely decided - garter stitch for the bottom 2 inches, the button bands and - maybe the neck trim ... though that could do just fine with a simple crochet edging. After all - why would I do all the work of seed stitch - to create that pebbly effect - when the yarn creates that all by itself. Another thought would be i-cord all around the outside.

Whatever I do - I'll be doing it this weekend and starting in on the sleeves too. I'm going to be a lot more careful with these sleeves than I was with the dress. I'll actually measure the length I want to knit, and figure out where the decreases ought to be. Not difficult - just a wee bit of math.

Isn't it nice it's Friday?


  1. I'd go longer, dear Bess...but it's looking great so far!

  2. Your progress is looking good!

  3. I like seeing the item unfold.

    Like you, I prefer to have my jacket longer than my shirt/blouse. I'd add a little length to it too.