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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swiss Cheese Brain

That's how I've felt all week: as if I had holes in my brain - a little fuzzy - forgetful - undecided and vulnerable. "Off" is how I usually describe it to BD when he asks me how I feel - which he did. Yesterday, I slid a little further into "off" with almost-a-sore throat and almost-a-fever and slightly congested lungs and for sure, a heckuva lot of doofusness - as in - showing up 30 minutes late for my haircut - which has been at the same time, on the same day of the month, for something like 20 years. Yeah. I was "off" and so once I'd finished the serious paperwork (deadline stuff) I went home, took a hot bath and crawled into bed.

Weep Weep. I didn't get my Colin Firth Fix. I know at some point I will be able to watch this movie on DVD but this is one I'd rather see in a theater. (Around here we pronounce that Thhee-ATE-or with a soft th and the accent on the "ate") It looks like it will still be playing on Sunday so perhaps we can slip on over to Richmond (another Essex-ism) and see a matinĂ©e. Today I'm going to take it easy, do a wee small bit of housework (I do live with 3 dogs - country dogs - the rugs have to be vacuumed at least once a week) and nap. and Nap more. And if I feel better I will go to M's birthday party but if I don't I won't take my germs over to her house. She's too nice a friend.

The Worst Hard TimeI'm reading The Worst Hard Times, a book E brought to my attention, about the Dust Bowl out in the south western plains. It's a very chatty history - more like a long lecture and a little repetitive, but it's interesting. It's also depressing since it's about the worst man-made ecological disaster since North Africa became a desert instead of wheat fields. Same crops, too. Probably the same human impulses of hope, despair, greed, and thoughtlessness. I am not always in sympathy with the green movement - like any movement, it tends to be represented by the extremes who, I suspect, wish that mankind would go extinct (excepting, perhaps, them and their pals) - but in the main, I am more green than not. And one thing I'm really glad the green movement has brought about is the end of the idea that Man can Conquer Nature. Or even that Man Should!

Anyway - sad story, probably not what one should read when one is feeling low - but it's an Inter-library Loan - I have only a limited time to read it and it is a smoothly written story. It goes fast.

And that's that for TheQueen on this chilly Saturday morning.

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