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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Cold to Type

 It is! At least, it's too cold to drum up enthusiasm for anything besides knitting wool - and that's what I plan to do today. I finished the back shoulder area and started the front shoulder sections but now I'm all worried that I didn't make the neckline wide enough. I am very likely to frog the whole thing but I may just pick out the front shoulder bits and make the neckline wider. Trouble is - the short row shoulder shaping would begin awfully close to the neckline - but perhaps that may not matter much. This is bulky knit.

I spent yesterday, Mama's 88th birthday, with her. They had dressed her in her brightest prettiest dress and helped her with her make-up so she looked vivid and pretty - but of course, I forgot to take my camera. I did wear my wooly Soho Dress and stayed warm all day long - and comfortable - especially after P showed me how to rub a dryer sheet up and down my thighs to keep the static cling at bay. Thank you P!

Evidently the cold has frozen my brain because I can't think of anything else to say - besides Stay Warm!

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  1. Warming up here -- in Canadian Winter terms, that is -- with a bold Chinook wind that's drifting the snow across the highway, and a brilliantly blue, sun-filled sky that's melting icicles and street snow alike.

    But you stay warm -- and happy b'day to your Mama! :-)