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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Something Fresh For Fall with TheBrains

Sweet. Inspired by this SparkPeople Blog  I'm going to set Three New SMART Goals. These will be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  Just thinking about doing this feels like standing in front of the candy counter and trying to choose only 3. And since this is the week that holds the First Day Of September - which is BIRTHDAY MONTH !!!! - I'm going to start today.

LEFT BRAIN: How timely.

RIGHT BRAIN: (snicker)

Oh. Hello. You two are always around, aren't you.

RIGHT BRAIN: You wouldn't be you without us.

LEFT BRAIN: I liked the way you opened the door to our participation too, with that sentence about the candy counter.

RIGHT BRAIN: Yes. Thanks for remembering me.

LEFT BRAIN: And thank you for being so calm and patient while we shopped, yet again, for a bathtub. It was worth it too, because we got a rather luxurious one, now, didn't we.

RIGHT BRAIN: and saved money too!

 You are both most graciously welcome. So. Three SMART goals for the fall. First off - how long should we give ourselves to reach these goals?

LEFT BRAIN: Till the first week in December. That's 3 months. It encompasses most of Autumn. And it will get us over the big Thanksgiving Feast. How do you feel about that?

RIGHT BRAIN: mmmm. feels pretty good to me. Feels like enough time to accomplish something without being unending.

 Okay. So. How many weeks is that - from now till the first week of December?

LEFT BRAIN: 13 weeks.  Think about it.  What do we want to accomplish in 13 weeks? And these are all weight related, fitness related, NOT werk related goals. If you want, we can do that another day for werk stuff.


LEFT BRAIN:  have another look at that list in Melissa Ruddy's blog. anything there that tempts you?

RIGHT BRAIN: They all do. I'm the one who can be tempted!

LEFT BRAIN: Yes and you're the one who can be tempted away. I think we ought to put a mighty big carrot out there to keep you focused.  And these ought to be just enough different to sort of wake us up. Like - what about eating dinner at the dining room table ... hmmm ... say ... twice a week? Just Himself and us - not waiting for company.

RIGHT BRAIN: oh. well. that sounds ... different. I don't see how that will get us to our Happy Weight and into pretty Christmas Dresses.

LEFT BRAIN: LOL - already picking out your rewards, huh?

RIGHT BRAIN: LOL You know me.

LEFT BRAIN: But I'm thinking it's the shift - the change - the ... the spicing things up of eating at the dining table that might just make things ... more fun as well as more focused.

RIGHT BRAIN: Alright. Yes. You know. I like that idea.

 LEFT BRAIN: And we can make it happen by going in to the gym on Thursday mornings early and doing strength training like we did when we had a trainer. That means we can go home early and take time with dinner.

RIGHT BRAIN: Yes. but other nights we're SOOO tired that .... twice a week might be too much.

LEFT BRAIN: alright here's an idea. What about Monday nights we eat without watching DVD's, but on the trays in the living room - so we can listen to music or talk. And Thursday nights we dine sur la table?

RIGHT BRAIN: Yeah. Yes. I like that a lot.

LEFT BRAIN: Okay - that's Goal #1.  Movieless Mondays and Tabled Thursdays.

RIGHT BRAIN: What's Goal #2?

 LEFT BRAIN: Oh! Morning walks!
 RIGHT BRAIN: Oh yes! I love morning walks.

 LEFT BRAIN: You know that means cutting way back on the morning internet play.

RIGHT BRAIN: Yes but it'll help us get those 10K steps in without horning in on other exercise

LEFT BRAIN: And give us more time with the dogs - I miss not walking with them. And they're all those SMART things.

RIGHT BRAIN: so - how many?

LEFT BRAIN: I think - 3 werk days and one weekend. Of course, the weekend is usually a given and it doesn't count if we're away - like for Emily's wedding. so maybe we should keep it to 3 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

RIGHT BRAIN: I like that. measurable and specific and attainable and all the rest of that SMART stuff.

LEFT BRAIN: So - Goal #2 is 3 Morning Dog Walks starting no later than 7:15? 7:30? Obviously not going to start THAT today. but minimum 7:30 we're out the door?

RIGHT BRAIN: It's a deal. what about Goal #3?

LEFT BRAIN: We-uhl. You know we're eating crazy bad right now. You KNOW 30 points 4 days a week will get us to our happy weight. You know what that last goal has to be.

RIGHT BRAIN: No. I don't know anything.  But I feel like we've indulged in snarky eating long enough. I'm okay with that as a final goal.

LEFT BRAIN: Alright. Goal #3 will be Eating at 30 Points 4 Days a Week. Any 4 that work for us. - now
would you like a chart?

 RIGHT BRAIN: Oooo yes! I'd LOVE a chart. Can we make one today?

LEFT BRAIN: LOL - if we get all our werk done.

 RIGHT BRAIN: oh. that sounds like another goal.

LEFT BRAIN: LOL - it is but it's a werk goal.

RIGHT BRAIN: And what about rewards? Can we have weekly rewards?

LEFT BRAIN: Hmmm. you know - they're always so hard to pick and so hard to deliver on. Especially if they're, ya know, acquiring something. How about this? How about making a Pretty Christmas Clothes Fund. And we can earn stars or something each week and if we do we can put money in the fund?

 RIGHT BRAIN: hmmm. I like the chart and stars thing. Or maybe even cooler stickers. but .. Not sure .. how much money? And do we have to get rid of clothes if we go buy new ones?

LEFT BRAIN: Of course we do.

RIGHT BRAIN: oh. hmm. That sounds like more work. more culling and clearing and stuff.

LEFT BRAIN: Oh - we'll have to do that anyway sometime this fall as we put away summer and get out winter.

RIGHT BRAIN: Yeah. Okay. Well. Hmmm.  I like the stars.

 LEFT BRAIN: Alright - How's this for a plan? Let's just make the chart and get cool stickers and after a week - we'll decide how much $ we want to save. If we even want to save $. How do you like that?

 RIGHT BRAIN: (smiling) I like that a lot. I love it when we make charts.

LEFT BRAIN: I know you do. So let's be really productive today so we can make that chart this afternoon. And remember, too, why we're doing all this anyway?

RIGHT BRAIN: Oh. Why are we?

LEFT BRAIN: Why - so we can dance through December like the Christmas Fairy in beautiful clothes and looking slender and sylphlike.

 RIGHT BRAIN: LOL!! I love that! I can just see me as a slyphan grandma-2-B.

LEFT BRAIN: LOL. We'll be a beautiful grandma. And our hair will be a normal color by then too.

 RIGHT BRAIN: Ugh! Don't remind me.

 RIGHT BRAIN:  LEFT BRAIN:    so - how do you like DaPlan?

I like it a lot. My thanks to you, my beautiful TheBrains and thanks to Sparker Melissa Rudy!