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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Decisions decisions but no photos

At least, decisions made after trial and error knitting. I had thought I'd want to do 2 inches of hem treatment - either garter stitch or seed stitch - on the HCJ. Not any more. After knitting one inch I realized that was all the hem treatment I want. More would look heavy on this already bulky fabric. And I'm not sure I want the garter stitch either. With this bulky yarn, the ridges are too far apart. Hadn't realize that would be the case, since I seldom knit with bulky yarn, but it does. And garter stitch in bulky thick'n'thin yarn only exaggerates the effect.

I already did a swatch (over a year ago) with seed stitch - that looked fabulous. Sigh. It will be one inch of seed stitch all around the sweater, even if seed stitch is tedious and even if this means I'll have to figure out how to keep it from widening. I'm thinking rather than try to fudge math, I'll go down a needle size. Between a 9 and a 10 there's quite a bit of difference.

So - a chunk of my knitting today will be fiddly knitting. But afterwards will come the confident knitting.

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  1. At least with your swatch your know what your options are. I'm sure you're going to handle those fiddly parts swimmingly!