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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Venturing out in public today

living in my throat
Have you ever noticed that unless you are bleeding, throwing up, or delirious, you don't think you're really sick. Tidy parts of our body don't get the respect the juicier parts do. I have had 100% laryngitis for the past week, in addition to mild bronchitis, which garnered a perscription and permission from Self to stay home till I was well. Antibiotics and steroids did a pretty good job on the congestion but not much helped the larynx - which is still operating at only about 15%. Time and again I had to tell myself "You are too sick! You can NOT go to work. If you don't stay silent you will be mute for the rest of your life!!" but the truth is - I've felt slightly guilty about staying home this past week. I don't have a fever. There is no blood. It has been hard to think of myself as sick when I am not on my knees in the bathroom.

But today I simply must go in to work. It's our quarterly board meeting and there is no way I can postpone it. Fortunately, a faint buzz began to whisper out of my throat on Saturday. By yesterday I could, if I kept my voice very low and very quiet, give one sentence replies to questions from The(deeply lonely)Prince. Life in a silent house is quite an adjustment for Mr.Loquacity. I'm a talker, but he's tops me by a mile. Still, I'd never realized how necessary a response is to a talker, for him to keep on chatting.

I won't be taking any phone calls and will keep conversations to a minimum. I'll also have to dig out someone to do story hour for me tomorrow - no way I'll be able to read for 20 minutes. I'm also going to have to postpone yet again, the start of my sock knitting class tomorrow night. Let us hope, with careful husbanding of  my wee soft croaky voice I will heal at last and be back to my own loquacious self by this time next week.

of COURSE I blocked that dress - she's lying on the stack of towels on the dining room table as I type. Photo soon.

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  1. Best wishes for your successful return to work, laced with generous helpings of manuka honey and lemon juice!