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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming Up: The Gift of 365 Glorious Days - to do with what you wish

Imagine someone giving you $35,600 (or $3,650 or even $365) and telling you to spend $100 or $10 or $1 each day on making your life better, richer, more fun, more loving, more of anything you want. That's always how I feel when I put the new calendar pages in my Daytimer. Yes. I still use a paper calendar even though now I must also depend heavily on my digital computer calender that nags the hell out of me. In fact, as I type this, I am thinking of how to incorporate the money idea into 2011. But what I really want to do is natter about last year's resolutions because it's always a good idea to begin where you are and as I begin this wonderful New Year, I had to do a little assessment of where I went in 2010.

Sometimes I surprise myself at the cool ideas I come up with. Alas. I don't always follow through with them – but they're awfully good ideas. So last year, in the days leading up to 2010 I made three lists – one, of things I'm grateful for, one, of things I want to let fade out of my life and then 31 things I wanted for my body. Cool, huh?

Of course, for me, coming up with ideas and carrying them out are two different things. I'm like my favorite juvenile fiction character, Betsy Ray, (of the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud H Lovelace) who was forever making lists and coming up with adventurous ideas that her spunky friend Tip carried out. Betsy, Maud, and I admit this facet of our characters, but just because we don't always act upon our grandiose plans doesn't mean we don't ever act. In fact, many of Betsy's lists, resolutions and plans were so compatible, I adopted them for myself.

So what about all my 2010 plans and resolutions anyway? I don't know where the gratitude list is but the other two were posted on a blog I keep on Spark People, a website devoted to weight management. Of the 6 things I wanted to let flow out of my life, all of them have at least gotten closer to the door.

1.Unhealthful food - in unhealthful proportions  This one barely budged, though it was nudged slightly further away by the addition to my daily life of a yummy green drink made of juice and dark leafy greens and almonds that BD and I have become addicted to. The day doesn't feel right if we don't have our green drink.

But there is something I don't like about this particular release ... something about turning food into an enemy ... much like health food people turn food into something magic ... it's a semantical thing but definitions are extremely powerful so I need to think about how I could reword this to make it both more positive and more truthful.

2.My sedentary body and it's accompanying aches   
Learned yoga – hurt my back twisting too much during yoga – had to stop doing yoga – took up swimming again - feeling far fewer aches and pains now. ALSO Realized that i CAN do yoga but I have to only turn as much as I can't feel the pull. My own extremely loose ligaments make it too easy to stretch too far. Recent unbelievably easy yoga practices have shown me that I need to be looking for something different from what other people look for in yoga.

3.Grumbling while doing housework    Ooo. I forgot I wanted to let this go. It's almost completely gone though. Cool!

4.Multi-tasking and it's evil twin...
6.The mother of #4 & 5 ... Frittering away my time slash Procrastinating 

I made substantial progress on these three things – especially at work. I began using a computerized calender and taking the time each month to fill in every thing I want done and the steps (and deadlines) for accomplishing them. Last year was the absolutely most productive year ever in my job. And that productivity left me in a consistently good mood that was so high I looked forward to Monday every single week!

Man. I want More of this!!

As for the 31 things I wanted for my body (since this is a weight/health/body blog) I achieved 24% ... which, in my book, is pretty durn good. This is not just leaving me proud of the previous year, but excited for the new one.

Well, well, well. So today is January 1, 2011. As per one of the very few rituals I keep, I will take down the tree, clean the house, put away my Christmas perfume, take a wonderful luxurious bubble bath, and sit down with pen and paper and a fresh new notebook and start making my new lists. I already know I'll lift some things from last year's lists but I've also begun planning the new items I want to add to this year. I love me some New Year's Resolutions.

My wish for you is that your year, whatever you resolve to do with it, is so glorious and thrilling and rewarding that you, too, look forward to every Monday – even the rainy ones.  


  1. VirgoSisters are Listers, aren't we? I haven't done much more than grocery-list-making this past year...except where my art quilting is concerned. There, I have short- and longer-term goals listed on a special wiki site that's part of my professional association, SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). The short-term ones are reviewed as often as weekly, and they've certainly kept me up and running! :-)

    Have a happy day and a happier year, dear heart!


  2. I have always shied away from New Year's Resolutions. Always. I do write lists, though, for more mundane things, both on paper and in my head. I'm not a virgo, though, but close to it. :) Well done on your accomplishments over the past year and may this year see many more!

  3. Third time's a charm, I hope! I'm a DayTimer fan too, although I have the electronic beep version for work, and a PDA as well. Compulsive much?

    Happy New Year to you and yours!