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Friday, April 1, 2011

Cranky spring weather

 That's what we're having around here. Yesterday was BD's birthday and as usual, I took it off, but we mostly hung around home. Too wet, too gloomy looking, just right for lolling about with breakfast in bed, crossword puzzles - the kind of thing one often thinks about doing and then ... not. We eventually did get up and move about - but only as far as Warsaw - where the closest good seafood store is. Birthday Boy wanted cioppino - a particular cioppino recipe from a friend and it cost as much to make it as it would have to eat out ... but afterwards we didn't have to drive home.

I haven't been knitting all week - flummoxed by the tomten jacket. It's cute enough alright - though much bigger than I'd expected it to be - and I like the stripes, but I'm not loving knitting the sleeve stitches into the underarm stitches ... the different colors show through in a way I don't like - so I realize I'm going to have to rip out what I've done so far and sew the seams. I don't mind this ... but I won't be done in time for the baby shower - because I've dragged my feet trying to actually decide. Happily, I bought a gift off the baby shower registry so I'm not empty handed, but once again I am made aware of how much I hate knitting under compunction. As a reward for listening to my knitting heart, I started the second half of my What's the Point scarf - in the Spirit Trail Yarn. Photo tomorrow.

Oh la! Late for work! Nice to be at the end of a sentence.

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