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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blue Period

Plugging along on my What's the Point scarf - with only 3 more pattern repeats to go - 18 rows! And then the grafting at the center line. Fingers crossed that there is enough yarn left to knit a pair of fingerless mitts. This stitch pattern just begs to be knit into mitts.
Here's a closeup of the pattern - unblocked - and pretty enough to leave in it's puffy state. I'm only going to block it because I want those points at the ends to be sharp and precise.
And after this - I am thinking it's time for a pair of socks. This is another Spirit Trail version of Suna in the Falling Leaves colorway.

As for what else is going on in the Life-0-TheQueen - ahh - it's all juicy elderly parent stuff. If I weren't so exhausted by it I'd write a sharp witty satire about the job of care-giving adult children. Besides - my own turn is coming - decades away, I hope - but inexorably nonetheless. On the grand scale of life, yesterday was a plus - and that is enough for me.

Spring continues to green things up, even if it is cold outside.

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