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Monday, April 11, 2011

Macro-zoom and the promised progress shots

P1000123First the promised progress shots - I can't call it a finished object since you can see there are ends to be woven in - and in fact, I'm going to rip out the 2 stitch i-cord bind off around the wrist cuff end because it's too loose. Besides, there's another mitt to knit. But I did promise photos so ...voila!


I love how the German Herringbone stitch makes a point - which is centered over my middle finger (almost - I'll do better with the right mitt).


I took advantage of that drawing up that happens whenever you knit 3 together to create the thumb gussett. I did one full set of the 6 row pattern and 4 more rows before doing the same 2 stitch i-cord bind off. I like it alright - but - I think I might try doing this stitch pattern with either fewer stitches or a different sequence of rows so that I can pull that second triangle into a point on the next mitt.

And now - Macro-zoom Photos! And a confession. I have been singularly unlucky with digital cameras. I have actually lost 2 of them and at multiples of $100 each, this has been a very very painful experience. Nevertheless - I am addicted to owning a digital camera. When I don't have one I get grumpy and even weepy. I have digital camera withdrawal. So - when I lost my beloved Panasonic ZS1 in March and after I began to get the tremors, I bought a new one - the ZS5 - which is not their newest but it was in my price range.

Wild Pansy
It's just slightly different from the old one - and I'm learning how to use its features. After a good 2 dozen unsatisfactory close ups - I discovered how to turn on the Macro-zoom and take the kind of flower photos I've been wanting to take. I see now, of course, that I'd set the picture size waaaaaay too large - okay - still learning. But what a fun learning curve.


I love you too, Jack

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  1. Pretty gloves! And pretty flowers...I'm trying not to be envious....ours are still under snow banks.... And look at that pooch admiring the daffs! LOL!