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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love me some Martha Beck

Don't try to stop the waves of events and emotions; surf them. Allow upheaval and unhappiness, and you reduce their power.—Martha Beck, Daily Coach Tips

I signed up for these daily tips which pop up in my email every morning. They're always worth reading but now and then, like a horoscope, they hit the bullseye in my life. Today they did with uncanny precision. Yet again I'm off to Richmond to lend what help I can to the Daddy situation. He is not happy - he is very old - he is as mean as a snake - he is queering every chance he has of a dignified, comfortable, even safe old age, with his vicious tongue, his flailing arms, and his ability to invent a history that is not true.


But. That's where he is right now and has been for almost a week. Heck, for a month! I've spent the past few days reminding myself that the way is peace; the way is solutions - not scolding; the way is through allowing, not trying to bend something to my will. It's actually a kind of detachment that almost feels like not caring. But I do care. I just don't own the suffering of it. I am not required to succeed but I am required to be present, to be open, and to be ready to offer every idea I have. I must be ready to come back when the next push is needed. 

But by golly - I sure plan on leaving it all behind me today, when I head home.

Added just moments later:

Oh la! Look what my horoscope is for today!!!

Ask big questions and don’t be shy about hurting a few feelings today — you need to get to the bottom of whatever is really going on with your people. Things are going to be weird until you figure this out.

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