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Sunday, April 17, 2011

37 years and counting

Another year together - and I am feeling just lazy enough to want to cut & paste a post from the past - only - I've never really posted anything repeat-worthy for this happy day. We certainly have had some lovely celebrations. I remember discovering a yellow violet at Westmoreland St. Park one year, and one year we had a picnic in the woods between Robert's Landing and our place - a spot I had never seen before - reached through a woodland path that BD and LD had carved without my knowledge. There was a precious anniversary spent in Charleston SC when LD was at Nuke Power school back in oh - 1999 I guess. Oh la! A dozen years ago.

There aren't any traditional gifts associated with the 37th anniversary. A Contemporary or Modern Thirty seventh anniversary gift has a theme of alabaster - according to some website I found out on Google. We don't do the gift thing, though we do eat out.  I've partied so much this past week - I can't imagine wanting anything special today - but I can promise you ... time will NOT be spent in the kitchen. Except for a pancake breakfast, because I want to try pancakes with rice flour.

It rained cats 'n' dogs yesterday, so I'd like to go over to White Oak Swamp and see how deep the pools are. Taking the camera since so much will have leafed out since last weekend. And BD wants to go for a sail - a possibility if there is any breeze. 

But hunting around for wedding themed web trivia I discovered this luscious looking bride & groom:

Yum! Chocolate covered apples? oh my.

And here are old friends from my childhood. It's a lot to take in, remembering that I was a little girl when it was a once a week Friday evening cartoon show. La - times have moved on!

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  1. Finally catching up on my blog reading - a belated Happy Anniversary to you both! May you enjoy another 37 joy-filled years together.