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Friday, April 15, 2011

You can find anything on the Internets

Well. That's what it says. I could probably use all of the attraction and expression and love and organization (what my horoscope said) I can get cause we're having More Issues with Daddy right now. I've never needed to be right anyway - just for things to work. Both sister and I are picking our way through the WWII PTSD minefield that is my dad really really close to, but not at, the end of life. Thank goodness she brings different gifts to the table so that combined, we are something of an arsenal. He would break a single daughter and end up a ward of the state - which, were it not for the need to care for Mama also, we would be tempted to let happen.

Mr.H promises me that I'm at a turning point where I can choose the path to one of several futures - Let us hope I am wise enough to choose the cleanest, most honest and happy one.

Hmm. What other extra help can I dig up .... OH! Yes! Law of Attraction! Yup Yup - let me see if I can draw those good things to me by not obsessing all day, about how awful it all is.

Instead I'll concentrate on how Friday-ish it is. Yeah. Love me some Fridays.

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