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Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's with Spring?

Well into April we're still having cold days and high winds, punctuated with random moments of hot humidity. We have a fire in the stove and yet the weather dot com guys promise a high of 90 on Monday. 90! Ugh. I resent that temperature in the summertime.

This hasn't seemed to bother the intrepid ones - like my flowering crab apple - who only flowers in the years when Mercury is in retrograde ... oh don't get me started on that! ... This year my pretty tree, surrounded by periwinkle and deadfall, has thrown out thousands of cherry red blossoms. I'm still moving daffodils, though not with great diligence, from the old garden to the lane. There are iris I want to save and a few peonies, maybe one or two other things - and I need to take clippers into the shrubbery and attack those wicked honeysuckle vines at their stems. I see it will be a long springtime chore - but it is possible there will still be some good tomato plants left at the garden centers by the time I have tilled up the soil. If I could have fresh tomatoes and basil this summer I would count myself rich.

I've been fiddling with the What's the Point mitts - yes there will be enough yarn to make them - and trying to figure out how to make the opening for the thumbs in this complex 15 stitch rib. I tried knitting in the round, but couldn't figure out where thumb the breaks should be. I tried knitting it flat, with the intention of seaming up the sides, but ended up with the swooping purl triangle being slashed in half. This morning, as I prepared my early morning pot of chocolate flavored coffee, I had a breakthrough! I've been trying to use this wide rib for the whole of the mitt - when really the only place it matters -or even shows - is across the back of the hand. I can center that lovely rib panel on my middle finger and switch to something plainer for the sides (including thumb openings) and palm! duh. I still want a rib, but I'll play around with 1x1, 2x2, 5x2 or even a combination of them all.

I ought to have a photo by tomorrow.

Yea Saturday!

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