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Thursday, April 7, 2011


No. Not the graft associated with bad bankers and politicians. The kind that gets two pieces of knitting to play nicely with each other. Now - I have lots of experience with Kitchener Stitching sock toes, but they are always in stockinette stitch - all knit stitches. My What's the Point scarf has both knits and purls and I'd like to make the to pieces seam together as gracefully as possible. It doesn't have to be an invisible seam; just as smooth and tidy as I can make it. I'm scouring youtube for videos of different seaming techniques - here's one I want to try - but I don't want to suck up bandwidth here at home, so I'm embedding it now - and viewing it later. So. It's not an endorsement at this point. I'll pass final judgement later today.

The happy news is there is yarn left over - maybe enough for those fingerless mitts. I'll need to knit the equivalent of 15-17 more scarf repeats. Let us cross our needles and make a wish that there's that much yarn remaining.

And now it is Thursday - that glorious day when you can scurry about getting done all the stuff you didn't do earlier in the week. I feel like I can hear Tim Gunn say "Designers? You have till Midnight Tonight and a few hours tomorrow morning...."

So I will just have to ...

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