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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday Friday Friday!

And it's March 25. But would you believe it? All the weather stations are calling for snow on Sunday! Last time we had a wacko snowstorm it was in April 2007. Odd that I don't remember it, since I know I wasn't in a coma then, or basking on the Riviera. But here is proof from the old blog!   I am glad I didn't plan on doing anything this weekend beyond knitting like a mad knitting fiend to finish that baby tomten sweater.

Yesterday paid a visit to TheParents - always a very long day. Dad is transitioning into a new phase of old age and he's fighting it with every bratty toddler technique he can remember. Because it's the tail end of his life, I'm a little more tender than I probably would be with someone who had a lot of future up ahead. So for 2 hours, as he tried different ways of refusing to cooperate I just nodded and said "then we'll stay right here and take the dog for a walk.". In the end he got a little tenderness but no indulgence. and I left early enough to spend quality time with Mama, for whom I have a greater affinity anyway, and who has just enough dementia that she forgets to be an invalid and has had her healthiest winter in 25 years. I have to remember to not let Daddy suck up all my energy and time because she really deserves both and she's also more fun to be with.

I took the Picasso catalog - the expensive purchased one - we picked up at the museum last Sunday and she and I went over the whole book. She's the person who taught me to see modern art with some discernment and even pleasure. Her ability to see the world through different lenses is still, at 88, mind boggling. We had such a good time and spent an hour and a half pouring over a 20th century retrospective. It was fabulous.

And now it's Friday. Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday! and while I am not wishing my life away - I can't wait till it's  6 o'clock.    6 o'clock! 6 o'clock! 6 o'clock! 6 o'clock! 6 o'clock!


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  1. "just enough dementia that she forgets to be an invalid" -- Oh! How I chuckle at that, Dear Bess! My mother had all her faculties to the day she died, and the result was a sad and frustrating (and a bit bitter) last year for her. Perhaps if she too had had a touch of dementia, been just a tad addled, it would have been easier on her soul.

    Roll on 6 p.m. -- and have a lovely weekend. Trust me, you get used to the snow. We still have 3 feet of it just about everywhere here.