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Monday, April 4, 2011

Woosh! That's the sound of time slipping by.

There is a whole lot on my plate right now and I'm getting that nibbled-around-the-edges feeling - how in the heck am I going to get it all done. Whew. Thank goodness I like to make lists - because today will be a mega-list complier and between now and May I will be crossing off items. I'm not exactly sure it makes me do things any better - but it makes me feel like I've got some control - and that is about the only armor I have against the madness of ThingsToDo.

The weekend held some down time for knitting and reading but tomorrow I have to spend the day trying to convince a crabby old man to cooperate with care givers. If you've ever been in this spot you'll know what I'm facing and if you haven't ... let us hope you never will be. Ugh.

In a last fling of the weekend, yesterday, BD and I took a walk through our new park. We're constantly delighted with these oddly shaped trees - the result of life force overcoming adversity. This tree was hit by something big, kept on living, threw up a new limb that became the trunk. We found another exactly like this a little later.

I have 9 more 6-row repeats in my What's the Point scarf - it really is just more blue knitting so I didn't photograph it - but once I graft the center seam I will show. Promise.

okay - where's that ThingsToDo list?


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