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Thursday, April 14, 2011

After the rain

 Storms have been rolling through Virginia all month - most welcome after such a dry winter - though - perhaps the cold temperatures that have accompanied them are less so. The days often start out chilly, turn warm and then cool off with a shower - like Tuesday did. And yet - well before sunset the storm passed on to the east - Here is the side yard, with departing shower, as the sun began to peep from beneath it's blanket of clouds.

 The East woods, still a little thin of leafy cover, showed off the other colors of spring - muted hues too fine and delicate to possibly be confused with their richer heavier autumnal glory.

 I couldn't resist trying to capture the raindrops as the sun glittered on leaf and blossom. New growth is everywhere. I've done much to encourage the spread of violets across the yard, down the lane and even into the woods. I have always called them my "Weed of Choice". 

One other thing we have in abundance, this showery month of April, is wet dogs. Both of these are little honey helping dogs - what we call them when I am cooking - for they like to lie in front of major appliances to offer assistance with any floor licking duty that might come along.

Notice how there is no mention of the What's the Point Scarf and Mitts? Of course you do - because I'm almost finished with my project and so I am in full delaying mode. The only thing I can think of right now is casting on something new. You've never heard of such behavior? No. Of course not. Heh Heh. They will be done by early next week, I am sure. 

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  1. I'll trade you your rain for today's snowstorm...