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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yarn Site of the Month

Well - at least, that's what I feel like calling this post. Even though, "as gawd is mah witnuss I don' need no mo yawn", when the weather teases us with frosty mornings and star-glittered evenings, I find myself perusing favorite yarn sources. Elann sends me bi-monthly missives, Spirit Trail Fiberworks has new colors, and GoogleAds has obviously profiled me to a T because 80% of the ads that pop up in my e-world are yarn related. Today, Knitters Review displayed Great Northern Yarns - purveyor of the most delicious fiber combo - 

cashmere and combed mink. I've knit with this yarn and it's one of the most delicious tactile experiences I've ever had. I skein knit up swiftly, using an open rib stitch, into a decent sized winter scarf - which I gave away to a friend, so I can't share it with you.

So. I am lusting after tactile deliciosity. I want a snuggly cushioney ab-fab luxury yarn something to tuck around my neck. I want to sit in a heap of pillows on a rainy Sunday knitting something all for me. I want to forget all about the skeins and balls and cakes of fiber goodness I already have and buy some cashmere/mink yarn in some Bessish terracotta red.

Greedy little puss aren't I?

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