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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knitting fingers with my knitting fingers

Having reached the point where it was time to start knitting the little finger in these lacy cashmere gloves I couldn't resist just continuing on with that little finger. I used the last 6 stitches of the palm and 5 stitches of the glove back and added 2 more stitches to create the stitches needed to join this finger to the rest of the glove (between pink-y and ring fingers) 13 stitches seemed to make a snug, but not tight finger width for my hands. Of course, I have big hands. For a smaller hand I'd stick with a more manageable even number like 12. 

At first I considered making i-cord fingers but these few stitches knit very nicely using only 3 needles. The palm stitches were on one needle and the back stitches were on the other and I used the 3rd needle as the working needle. This is a very comfortable way to knit tiny tubes so I'm not tempted to experiment any further. One of these days I'll try some i-cord gloves because the technique looks like such fun - but I have never minded fiddly bits and nor darning loose ends. It's all fun to me and these last steps, which are rather more like fondling a project, will be all the more delicious since I'll be fondling cashmere lace! Red cashmere lace. Oh la! 

All along I've been most worried that there wouldn't be enough yarn to make fully fingered gloves but I am happy to see there is plenty  - this also means that I'll be able to knit a pair of white lace cashmere gloves with some stash yarn, for someone very special, as a Christmas gift. But I am going to have to rip out this knitted finger and put the base stitches on a thread, because otherwise I'll have to start a new ball of yarn to knit the rest of the glove hand up to where the rest of the fingers get added - right at a purl 1 yarn over!!  So - frog this I shall. It's a wonder to me how cooperative this cashmere yarn is when it comes to ripping out. There has been a lot of it in this project  - imagine being silly enough to design with cashmere yarn! 

Here's a view of the thumb gusset. I particularly like the lacy increases, done with yarn overs.

What I am not completely thrilled with is the 8 stitch lace stripe. In another pair I will use a narrower lace repeat. I will not change this pair - just planning ahead.

Happy Thursday

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