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Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing with blogger

Well, my dear friends - I can't resist playing with the new blogger. Evidently I seem to have climbed up over the hump of resistance and slid down into the valley of experimentation. I promise - I shan't offend with too much format alteration, but until I have played a little with the options, LtQ2 is going to throw up variations on its theme. 

I began a new knitting class last night, at a new craft supply shop across the river, Espe D's. So far there are only 2 students but I hope this picks up as the cooler weather comes on. I'm always glad of a chance to enable other knitters, of course, but it's fun when there are several students. It's actually been quite a while since I taught knitting - funny how life shifts and changes and new things come in while other things go out. But I am always glad to enable someone down the fiber path. 

What has become obvious to me, though, is how shabby my sample hat has become. Of course - I wear these hats when the weather turns cold and I'm not teaching, so they aren't going to remain fresh, but this poor thing is downright pathetic - and so - during this particular session, I will knit along with my students and make a new sample hat with stranded colorwork stars circling round. It looks as if I'll be in the car tomorrow, with BD, celebrating a 39th anniversary and neither lace gloves (too fiddly) nor shawl collared vest's shawl collar (too big) seem like good automobile knitting. Perhaps a hat is just the thing!

Happy Friday to you all - I hope you none of you feel as guilty as I do for frittering away an entire week. Let us hope TheQueen can do better, next week. 

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