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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swim a mile in my suit

Uh. Well - I will swim in my suit and you can swim in yours.

This fall I finally gave in to my reluctance to immerse myself in chlorinated water and took up swimming laps. Injuries and age have taken a toll on me over the last few years and the core muscles paid the highest price. My l'enfant doctor suggested swimming as a way to get the benefits of sit-ups without stressing neck and spine so I began in late August, wearing my oldest saddest swimsuit. No way was I putting the expensive fashion suit in chlorine.

It's been about 2 months now and I'm almost swimming a mile. My goal is to hit a mile before November and then work on speed. It would be nice if I could swim one mile in 30 minutes but I think to get there I will need some technique lessons. But 2 months has absolutely trashed the old sad suit. It was already pretty stretched out but now it's seriously faded. So - try living in the country and finding a swimsuit in a store - in October. Yeah. Right.

Happily, I found something wonderful (and half what I paid for my fancy schmancy fashion suit at the big city mall last summer) at Swim and Sweat (who thinks of these names? Ugh.) I was nervous about making an on-line purchase of such an intimate garment but they said they'd take it back for a 15% restocking fee. Fair enough for me. It came on Saturday and it fit perfectly. I'd swear they used my body as the sloper! I also popped for the suit saver chlorine rise - just a squirt in the water and the smell is gone!

I tried it out yesterday. So - what is it about good exercise clothes (togs, for A) that make you want to try even harder at your workouts? Man I was a swimmin' fool. Slept like a baby last night too.

So. I go back tomorrow - wonder if I can hit the 30 lap mark?

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  1. Thanks for the info about Swim and Sweat. I love to swim too.