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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Werk Werk Werk, datz all I doo

Anyway, that's how it feels this week. So much needs to get done between now and the next government holiday - which is Nov 11. After that, it's easy sailing through the New Year. At least, easy sailing at work - for, while I adore the holidays, they are often just as busy as a flat out frazzled work week.

Ms.Horoscope says this:There is a strong healing vibe in the air today. The Sun is energising the healing planetoid Chiron. Chiron is the planetoid that helps us to “build a bridge and get over stuff”. When it’s active, as it is today, there’s a chance to leave behind a hurt. Acknowledge it and move on. Clinging on to pain because we’re still mad about something is tempting but pointless and ultimately damaging. For you as a Virgo, you’re getting a chance to heal a wound connected to your daily working life or health. If you’ve had a rough time in either of those parts of your life of late, the healing can start here. Talk it through. Chiron loves to talk and heal. Life can start to get better, if you’re willing to look at where you lowered your standards.

Ah well. TheQueen can always talk. 

Happy Hump Day to you

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