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Friday, October 29, 2010

Thinking out loud about a knitted dress

From Mod. Top Down Knittng
by Kristina McGowan

I'm still drooling over the designs in Modern Top Down Knitting and as I read through the pattern for first design - the Soho Smocked Dress I discovered McGowan's ideas for adding sleeves. 

Whoa Nellie! Much as I heart the Promenade Dress at the very end of the book, this red dress stole my heart from the first moment. The only reason I didn't start planning to KnitThisFirst was because it's the beginning of autumn and the dress is sleeveless.

Elann 100% Wool
Elann Wool/Silk
Well! Thank you MissyMcG!! You knew I wanted this dress with sleeves in it, didn't you?    

She suggests picking up stitches all around the arm hole, putting in the short row sleeve cap (think 'sock heel') and then zipping on down to the cuff - where, wouldn't the smocked waist pattern look pretty around your wrists?
Sonne 100% Wool

So now I am just sort of looking, you know, for a luscious red yarn to knit one for me. I'm going to need something in the neighborhood of 3,000 yards if I want to add long sleeves. These are all possibilities from Elann dot com. I'm just, thinkin' out loud, you know. Just thinkin'. 'Cause I've got this little jar of SpendItLikeAMan money ...

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