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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Family Filled Saturday

ThePrince and I spent yesterday lending familial hands. My sister is building a metal barn for her babies (what do you call pet horses? hoof babies? galloping babies?) This was a job for men with tools - well, men and a woman, just not this woman. As I said, I haven't a bit of skill with any outdoor tool besides gardening tools. These guys probably wondered what all the fuss was about but come snowy winter they'll be thankful.

I did help, mind - besides making parental visits - as important as being able to wield a drill. But this was basically a day for guys with tools.

The thing was very unwieldy, built in segments and bolted together . Here are the helpers

 Here's the boss, consulting with one of her helpers. And Cousins! Nothing like big helpful guy cousins.

While I was in Richmond ( if you can call Powhatan "Richmond") I visited the parents and between dad's place and mom's there is a yarn shop- Lettuce Knit, in the old Stony Point Shopping Center. You need not ask if I stopped in - of course I did. And who should I find but J and her sister L of Lawre's Laine  maker of gorgeous project bags - "Stuff for you fluff" she calls them. I have a large one that is so capacious I have used it as a weekend bag! But I've long coveted one of her smaller project bags - that are so pretty and practical they can be used as purses. And she had the most gorgeous red fabric - and for $5 extra I could have it shipped to my house. I mean. Sometimes you just get lucky, don't you? 

There is Other Knitting News and there are photos and such but I will post about them tomorrow. For now, there is a house-0-dirt waiting for me to attack with vacuum and broom. 

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