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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Chatter

The weekend began yesterday evening with a fancy schmancy cocktail party at a lovely home where conservation minded people gathered. There was an Agenda with Speakers, but for TheQueen, it was a chance to be plain old Mrs.Wife. BD is the one on this board; I merely smiled and nibbled and enjoyed myself. I am reminded of a line in a Georgette Heyer novel where one of the characters was quoted, saying "I like country parties where you know everyone. They are much more comfortable." In the novel it is a sign the character is witless and dull, but I responded with warm recognition. Perhaps I, too, am witless and dull, but I do prefer Country Parties. 

You will all be pleased to hear that I ordered one skein of each of those red yarns yesterday. With luck there will still be enough of my favorite left for me to order a dress' worth of it. But experiment I must before I plunk down the $$ for 3,000 yards of yarn. So - I shall end up with a bunch of red yarn hats or fingerless mitts this winter - which is always a good thing. These are Bess Reds and most of the people I know look better in the clear blueish reds from L. L. Bean. Whatever I knit up will be for memememe.

I am not always selfish, though. Today I am giving up a Saturday to go help my sister put up a metal building. Or rather. I am lending ThePrince and his tool belt for the purpose. I shall be a helpful gofer. I do not do tools unless they are traditional girl tools. 

And since I have nothing else to say... or to show... I offer you this lovely October view from my mailbox. Very autumnal, no?  Happy Saturday to you all.

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