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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I-cord fingers and back to werkwerkwerk for me

It's been a delicious 3 day weekend here at TheCastle, with Monday feeling especially like an extra Sunday. I spent the past month incorporating time management habits into my work life so I don't dread the task of stuffing 5 days of tasks into 4 this coming week, but I will still be quite busy.

Mitigating the dooty stuff is going to my Tuesday Knitting group today. About a year ago we began meeting at lunchtime at the library, which means I only get to visit with everyone for an hour, but, because there's no night driving, more people come - so the trade-off is worth it. Besides, I'm teaching at a new store across the river so I get extra knit-with-friends time during the week.

As for those lace gloves ... I'm at the finger adding point of the second glove and am giving serious consideration to making the fingers using Meg Swansen's i-cord technique. It would certainly cut down on the needles I'm managing. At the moment I have the hand portion of the glove on a long circular needle and the little finger on 4 double points. That's a lot of needles. Ordinarily I would do my utmost to eliminate the excess but I am tempted to leave all the needles in just to tease my knitting buddies. Nothing intimidates like a lot of clicking flapping needles. What's necessary, though, is to decide  how I'm going to divy up the stitches for the fingers.

There are 24 stitches on the lace side of these gloves and 27 stitches on the palm side. Guess I'll go have a look and do the math. Or I could knit that last inch of the Shawl Collared Vest .. ahh so many choices, so little time.

I don't have a knitting picture to share today so I am giving you one of the 61 pictures I took of ThePrince, fulfilling his sailboat fantasies. This is his Gloucester 16 with a ghosting sail that will move his boat even when there is no wind. (note the glassy water surface) Taken from the canoe with my dog helpers looking on. I am a treasure of a wife, to spend a hot holiday afternoon photographing somebody else's hobby.

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