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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sleepover at the library - because there's never enough time to read!

I've always wanted to do a sleepover at the library and this year, with the help of a special library volunteer - we did it!  MissE works at the library every Thursday and late in the summer she suggested we try doing a sleepover with her girl scout troupe. I liked the idea of doing this with a limited number of people and I knew that with all the volunteering moms, there would be plenty of chaperons so together MissE and I set dates, developed an agenda and issued invitations. Last night was our Big Sleepover and it was a 100% hit.

First there was the setting up and getting ready for everyone.Then there's all the excitement of waiting for your friends to get here. 

Once inside there was so much to see. The troupes had made wonderful posters about the library, reading and books. Most of them were also informative and would help the girls earn their G S badges. 

So which movie that was made from a book is your favorite?

 Just the idea of being someplace "after hours" makes it more exciting. Everyone seemed sort of pumped and energized. And hungry! Dinner was pizza eaten on the floor - with nobody to tell you to sit up straight and get your elbows off the table!

There was an hour and a half of crafting time - with loads of supplies - especially stickers!

No sleepover is complete without a  movie and pop corn.  

Then comes the really fun part - finding your own, special place to put your sleeping bag! Will it be in the fiction section? Non-fiction? Magazines?   Whatever place you pick though - it's going to be a place you've never been before and it was truly a night to remember!

So - what did you do on Friday night? And guess who is going to have a nap this afternoon? 

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