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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photographic proof?

  Well. I know there is the misty green - but it doesn't show up that well in the photograph. But trust me - the tree to the right of that bulge of ground ... with dark pine trees to the right of them .... is just leafing out. Of course, this is a very familiar bit of land so I can also tell which pale dot is actually the first of the daffodils.

 Here are a few of them close up

And some crocus - which did not fall prey to the moles&voles.

Oh - and for the curious - the roast pork was perfection. The peach sauce was the exact compliment even if I did forget to put the mustard in it at the last minute. I think it would have been even better but since the dish was new to me, I never really missed it.

I cooked the dinner, my guests brought desert, which was individual chocolate cheesecakes - to die for. Pant. Swoon.
So the rest of today will be knitting and a trip to the city to see the Picasso exhibit and lots of fresh fruit and salad. After a feast like last night - a day of eating light will do me quite well.

And then it's Monday again. Whew. I need to lasso the clock and slow things down a bit!  Happy Sunday to you!


  1. i see the mist of green
    and i LOVE misty green
    especially when there are also tiny pink flowers like in weeping cherry trees

  2. green leaves...sigh! Here it is drizzle, rain and cloudy days interspersed with the very occasional warm day with blue sky. Nice to have a fire on at night, though, to knit by. Autumn has its joys but Spring is so full of life...