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Friday, March 11, 2011

A treasure from Canada

First I want to thank everyone for the sweet compliments on my HCJ - especially the reminder about the Sally M trick for turning swatches into shoulder pads. I have enough yarn leftover to knit some that will integrate perfectly!

And now I want to share a jewel from the National Film Board of Canada. I wanted to use their share code but it wouldn't publish so I'm using a youtube version.  It may be a wee bit long to insert in a blog, but it's such an exquisite film. I particularly liked the Arnolfini's Wedding Penguins - and when the penguin pony rears up on its hind legs. We have the books in the library but I had only ever seen the movie as a 35 millimeter movie. I'm SO glad it's been put onto modern delivery technology. Placing an order for the library today.

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