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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More photos of the Happy Chanel Jacket

It was chilly enough yesterday to justify wearing that HCJ but I felt shy about asking anybody to photograph me in it. There was hostility in the air yesterday. I didn't want my soul to be floating between me and the camera when there was bad juju in the air.  So I popped  into the staff bathroom and took these myself.

When the jacket is open (which it is because I didn't put any closures on it) you can see the shoulders are just a bit too wide. I'm probably going to take V's advice and tack some gentle shoulder pads inside. I think they'll give it a neater look. But everything else about the sweater pleases me. I like the wider sleeves - this cotton t-shirt slid easily inside without bunching up my forearms. The many many bust dart short rows make it glide over my lumps and bumps so that the hem is perfectly straight. The very short color spaces keep the yarn  from pooling no matter what the stitch count. Also, that yarn, which looked a little tired from handling it, freshened up in its wet-block. I don't think it will pill much. All together - there's a Very Happy TheQueen in her Happy Chanel Jacket.

Now it's on to my Spirit Trail Fiberworks Yarn Club yarn - which is a beautiful blue - a color I never wear because it makes me look like I have jaundice. It's quite a challenge to make something for an unknown wearer - gives me an even deeper respect for the professional designers out there. I have a strong urge to make a scarf from it in a beautifully sculpted rib pattern I found in Barbara Walker, but ... who will I give it to? Mama never goes out anymore. My sister with the gorgeous blue eyes is so hot she wears shorts and a tank top in winter!  Ahh well. I will just knit it up and give it to someone later. Serious casting on, though, will happen this week.

Happy Hump Day - let us hope it's a less Hostile day too. whew. 


  1. Lovely job, Dear Bess! And you do indeed look both queenly (imperious?!) and happy in it. Bravo!

    P.S. Agree about the shoulders. Where can you find 'gentle' shoulder pads these days?

  2. It looks wonderful and wonderful on you. all me when you finish something we'll do a photo shott, LOL. You are going to have such a pretty new wardrobe!

  3. It does look so good on you, Bess! Well done!

  4. Beautiful jacket in lovely colors! And you look absolutely gorgeous wearing it, Chica.

    Ditto the shoulder pads. I seem to remember that one of the Sally Melville books has instructions for turning a swatch into a small shoulder pad...