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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh Baby

Baby knitting, that is. For I have set aside my What's the Point scarf to do some extreme knitting on an EZ Tomten jacket. The baby shower is the first Sunday in April - a day that seemed so far off when the invitation came, I thought I had plenty of time to whip up a little baby thing. Suddenly, March is almost gone!

I've always wanted to make one of these cute sweaters but had no children to knit for - and knitting garter stitch garments for big folk is just entirely too slow. The compressed row gauge means miles more knitting than the same size garment in stockinette. I thought I'd never finish that surprise sweater I knit for myself 2 winters ago. In spite of my process knitting personality, I do, eventually, like to come to completion.

Happily, this year several babies are coming into my life - none of them my own grandbaby - but great nieces/nephews and dear neighbors, all close enough for me to make the effort with hand knits. This particular baby garment is for a known gender - a little girl who will grace us this summer, so I don't mind knitting something a tad bigger ... no baby needs a sweater in our Virginia summers. She can wear this when the cool weather comes again. Here it is with the purl bumps showing. I hope I can piece it so that it can be worn either side out - maybe I'll even be able to put the sleeves in so the purl bumps show on the smooth striped body while the smooth striped sleeves will be on the purl bumpped body. We shall have to see. The yarn is acrylic, of course. I enjoy hand-washing my own wool garments but I wouldn't put such a burden on someone else - especially not a new mom.

Of course, my second shipment of Spirit Trail club yarn got here this week too - so there is much knitting madness to take place at TheCastle. Yes. I do know what I'm going to do with it, but the concept is buried in the brain - not out on paper yet. Definitely not a shawl or scarf. Something to look forward to sharing when I am ready.

Off today to visit the folks. Ta.

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