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Monday, March 7, 2011

Finished Object at last!

Yesterday's lovely rain made it easy to settle down and finish that Happy Chanel Jacket. It's still a little damp from its wet-block so I will wear it tomorrow and get an outdoor, natural light photo. I've never yet been able to get an accurate picture of the colors. It's much brighter and happier than all these indoor photos make it seem.

This was my first top down sweater knit by winging it and I believe I made the shoulders too wide. I measured from the outside of my shoulders. ( yeah, I know, there are books out there, Barbara Walker included ... but it was checked out at the time)  The next top-down set in sleeve sweater I make I'll measure from bra strap to bra strap. That would mean doing a lot more increases at the underarm - but I think it would make the shoulder line much nicer.

Harumph. Blogger is not liking me today. I'll try to publish this but it may disappear into the great beyond.


  1. shoulder pads bess
    just small ones not the football jersey ones from the 80's

  2. Well done on finishing! It will be good to see a photo of the jacket while it is being worn - hard to see the really thing when it's lying flat. Looking good, though. I especially like how the colouring has remained so even and hasn't changed a great deal with the stitch count between the body and and the sleeves.