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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday - Friday Friday Friday

 Don't get me wrong - this has been a nice enough work week - but I am just really really glad it's Friday now. The weather has warmed up. We're getting a little rain, after a bone dry winter - and I'm moving daffodils from my garden (that tragically infested weed lot full of blackberry, trumpet vine and wire grass ) so I can have it plowed under. I'm moving them 30 minutes at a time, after work, when there's still some daylight. The big advantage to this is that I can see where there are gaps along the lane. The pumped out swath of golden daffodils will be a sight to see next spring. Heck. It's already pretty impressive right now!

I'm also moving iris, a few peonies and some day lilies. BD has promised to dig me a nursery bed where I can store these plants till I know what I want to do with them. The iris may stay there but eventually I'd like to put the rest of the plants back in the old, significantly smaller, garden.  I know i'm going to lose some sturdy plants, but I'll save the bulk of them. Goal? Move everything by the end of March.

I've just about decided what I'm going to do with my STF yarn but I still have that lone sleeve to complete. Other Things have sucked up my knitting mojo this week but most of that has been squared away and I should be able to sit down on our (promised) rainy Sunday and finish up.

So. Happy Friday to you all - let us see if there are Finished Object photos sometime soon.

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