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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes Virginia - there IS knitting at Chesituxent

Whenever I'm knitting something and it stumps me, even for a little while, I first have to send it to time-out and then, after suitable "Think about it" time I pick it up and we fiddle I mean figure out a solution. That was how things were with the neckline of my HCJ. I knew I wanted i-cord but wasn't sure if I wanted to pick up stitches or just knit the i-cord to the bound off stitches along the front - and if I just knit up the stitches did I want to use just the back leg of the stitch or both. I knew it was going to take fiddly knitting so I waited till I had a stretch of boring time and fiddled.

Yesterday I got to take my dad to the dentist and was there an hour and a half. Plenty of time to fiddle. I ended up doing the i-cord on the #10 needless, knitting up from the bound off stitches and just using the back leg of the B.O. stitches. I-cord done with think'n'thin yarn is a trip! Or might I say ... a bumpy ride?

okay. sorry. love me some puns.

P1030530Last night I had a bit of a chance to work on the sleeve cap. I picked up the stitches around the armhole opening using the #8 needle I'd used to work the seed stitch border and even did the first short row before I remembered about that #10 needle. I'm okay with this, though, because a little tightness at the join of sleeve and body is a good thing and again - that thick'n'thin yarn covers a multitude of sloppy knitting.

P1030531I didn't get much of the cap knit - but here's a long view of the garment with this bit of cap.

I have till March 1 to finish this sweater up but I hope I get it done a little sooner - because I'd like to wear it this winter and sometimes, March 1 is the end of winter. (One can always hope, right?)

I got in a quick visit with Mama yesterday too but I was on the way home well before the end of the day. I'd arranged with BD to call on my seldom used cell phone and let him know when I'd be home. We met up at White Oak Swamp around 3:45 and had the most glorious walk through our national park. Cold had rolled in and the wind had kicked up as well. My goodness, that wind in the bare treetops made a chorus to serenade us while we slowly ambled up and down soft brown paths. It was like going to church. There is nothing like strolling through the forest for making you feel loved by God.

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  1. I knew you'd figure out how to get what you wanted.

    I like the close-up pictures of the yarn.