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Friday, February 4, 2011

Frustrated Friday

Who knew that knitting seed stitch in bulky thick'n'thin variegated yarn around two corners would be soooo tricky?!? There aren't that many stitches - maybe 300? There aren't that many rows - 9 at most. There are only 2 corners. But it is taking forever and I am afraid I've screwed up both corners. It seems to take a year to get one row done. Ugh.  I'm even reluctant to take a photo because right now it looks like a big spotted sack. I thought for sure I'd be finishing up the sleeves by now. (insert frowney face)

But nope. and if I were a real knitter, I'd rip it all out and make sure I do those corners right. Which I might still do, since there is a streak of real knitter in me - though there is also such a vein of pragmatism that if, when I bind off the first one, you can't really see that I've screwed up the corners without getting entirely too close to the front of my hips - I may just let it be all sloppy. We shall just have to see. At least, I'll have to see, and I promise to post a photo so you real knitters out there can opine. That's the nice thing about TheInternets. Nobody can make you obey.

It's been a very demanding week, with way early mornings every day - including today - but we've also had the gift one a glorious warm day - harbinger of things to come. And Sunday is supposed to bring us 50 and sunshine. So we know what I shall be doing on Sunday! Can't wait!

Happy Friday to you all!

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