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Thursday, February 3, 2011

How do you defeat winter?

It's been a long time since I even wanted to defeat winter. The past few years we've had winter, but we haven't had WINTER!!!  This year it's been almost nothing but winter. I tried to call 2 vendors yesterday, major vendors - Scholastic and Penworthy books - and both of them were closed due to inclement weather. Since early December we have had only 3 warm and sunny days. All the rest have required the heavy coat, gloves, mittens, or perhaps, just staying in doors all together. Quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it. 

So. How do you defeat winter? Sleep it away? Work on some massive indoor project? Disappear into a book?  How about planning next summer's vacation? How about wallowing among the seed catalogs?

Burkwood Viburnum
Actually - I am doing them all. And taking a stroll through the photo albums to look at the triumph of past springs. Won't you join me for some April Blossoms?

Snow drops

Can't you hear them singing?

Close up
Native violets


There. That ought to have cheered you up. 


  1. Beautiful flowers! I'm really looking forward to spring, except for the pollen.

    Maybe the amount of snow we had this winter there will be less of a mosquito issue. One can hope.

  2. I too do *all* those things to stave off the cabin fever that arrives with several house-and=snow-bound days! The seed catalogues aren't quite out up here yet, but later this month...I am already thinking about what to add to my perennial beds this spring (hardy bush roses? Another peony?) and what veggies I want to cultivate...

    The lovely thing is that this garden daydreaming can be accomplishes as I knit 'round and 'round on a Narry Potter scarf for my daughter. :-)