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Monday, February 28, 2011

Down to the wire

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Club Yarn
If I want to cast on my STF Club yarn with a clear conscience I don't want any HCJs whining in the background. The club yarn will be a speed effort on my part, since another club yarn will show up in the mailbox next month (April).  That's why I've been in such a swivit about not finishing those sleeves. I did work on them. And discovered that the second sleeve was 4 rounds too short so I'll have to rip out the seed stitch cuffs and add them. I hate jacket sleeves that look - and feel - skimpy. But now I'm glad about that because I have decided that ... to be absolutely sure I don't end up with flaring cuffs, I'm going to decrease 2 stitches (or maybe 3) on the last knit round as well as switch to a smaller needle to knit those wider seed stitch cuffs.

So. 17 more hours to finish up. Oh. No! 16. Better get goin'!


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