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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Fear of Finishing, but Grief about Frogging

It struck me last night, as once again I failed to pick up my HCJ and rip that tight sleeve out, that if I could only start tugging on the dangling bit of yarn ... if I would just get started, everything would be alright. Sigh. No. I didn't tug the yarn. The sleeve is still attached. I just hate the thought of undoing all that knitting when I'm that close to being done. It feels like grief, not procrastination. weird.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm not close to being done. I won't be close to it till the sleeve is something I'd be comfortable in. But boy am I dragging my feet over this.

Okay. Off I go to tug on some yarn


  1. Be strong, Dear Bess! Be courageous! You can do this!


  2. Yes, you CAN do it! It won't take long and then jacket WILL be finished. Once that is done it will be time for the buttons - have you chosen anything yet? BIG buttons a la Jackie O?