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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still No FO Photos

I bound of that second sleeve and tried on the sweater last night ... and realized I hated the skimpier first sleeve. When I was knitting it I kept checking it against my bare arm, completely forgetting that this is a HCJ, not an HCSweater.  So with a sigh, I've decided to rip it out and reknit that first forearm. I don't want to be always ticked off at something called a Happy Chanel Jacket. Otherwise I would be photographing a finished object. Instead I'm just talking about it. I wouldn't have a photo today anyway, because it's as gloomy and grey as a day can be. There was sleet in the night, not much, just a thin coating, and it's colder than blue blazes.  Well, no. It's not. It's just cold - with the promise of 60 degrees later in the week. And Rain and Thunder (Oh please please please please please)  on Friday. We desperately need water in the ground. We don't need More Wildfires.

In the mean time, I'm pouring over Barbara Walker stitch books for inspiration to use with my STF club yarn. I wish I were more experienced about judging how much yarn a knitted on border takes. But this is a tone on tone  worsted weight yarn, so I am thinking texture more than edging anyway. Ahh well. This is part of the fun of knitting - deciding what you're going to do next!

Oh. Right. Next I'm going to get ready for work. Here's another blast from the past photo I unearthed over the weekend.  Sweet Sixteen.  Gad - that awful haircut. Everyone at my high school wore it at sometime or other. 

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