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Monday, February 14, 2011

The One Armed Sweater

That's where I am right now - one arm done, one to go. In fact, I've already picked up stitches for the second sleeve. I have never yet gotten a picture that reflects the true colors of this sweater but once it's done, I'll be sure to photograph it outside.  It's truly a vibrant thing. I see all the purple in it the most, because that's a color that I'm not used to looking at in my wardrobe, but it's got lots of orange, gold and warm red in it too.It's a very Happy HCJ.

As is so common with the things I make - there are small items of dissatisfaction with this sweater. I feel as if I narrowed the sleeve too much. I went from 56 stitches down to 36 and now I am wishing I'd decreased only to 40 stitches. I kept trying it against my wrist - but didn't think about how tight the forearm might be with a t-shirt underneath. I am going to delay the decreases by an 2 inches on this next sleeve and decrease only down to 40 stitches and if it's that much better, I'll rip out the forearm of that first sleeve and reknit it at 40.

Yes yes - it is Valentines Day. Yes. There will be celebration. I believe there is a present up in my closet. Yes. May love find you and hold you in its embrace. 

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