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Friday, November 12, 2010

We are Family

I popped on over to the Big City yesterday and visited with both mama and daddy. They are very old now - and our visits have that brief tender hazy feeling of a dream, more than an actual visit. Conversation is slow and drifty but that's all the more reason for making sure I get over there on a regular basis - because one day there won't even be any conversation.

And doesn't my mama have pretty hands - even at this late stage in her life, that gesture of hers reminds me of so many times she did something with her hands that was beautiful or tender.

The reward for being a good daughter was that I got to visit Cousins! I have the biggest crush on some Richmond Cousins - and almost shiver to think that they trust me enough to host their beautiful children at Bess' Girls (and Boys) Camp. That is an enormous compliment - one of those bars that reminds me that I must live up to the standards I believe in - not just give lip service to them. I'm still rather glowing for having spent an hour and a half with these precious people.

And as an added fillip, late in the evening I got a phone call from Another Favorite Cousin and we caught up on a year's worth of stuff. We chatted and loved and loved more and then loved mostest for a long time and I hung up the phone with the a huge smile on my face.

Yesterday was the stuff of sweet dreams. And today ... well. Today had better be the stuff of packages full of yarn. Happy happy happy happy Friday.

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  1. What a lovely day you had! Reminds me...I must call an elderly cousin who lives across the country from me....

    P.S. That last line of my blog that you wanted to quote was actually taken from as song, "Let There Be Peace on Earth"... and modified to suit...