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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Suddenly I'm Alone

After 2 weeks of never being alone, busily playing NurseBess, HostessTheQueen, SpongeBessMama and GoodDaughter, soaking up and giving to peoplepeoplepeople - here I am on a sunny Saturday morning with a clean house and nobody in it but me. I feel completely disoriented. Do I eat that last piece of blueberry pie? do I go take a long hot soaky bath? Do I plant daffodils? Knit? Watch chick flicks or Christmas movies? Read magazines?

I really can't seem to settle down to Anything. Weird feeling.

We sat down 12 to a splendifferous Thanksgiving dinner, including friends and family. LD and I had turkey casserole after we got back from visiting my parents last night and we might get one more meal out of what's left. Anything left after that wouldn't even be worth making soup out of - it will go to the dogs.

BD departed for a 2 day sail down the bay and up the Potomac with 2 of our guests, after the feast. BH will be joining them today at the three quarters point to take in her old stomping grounds but viewed from the river. They'll end up sailing right past Old Town Alexandria, where she used to work. I was invited as was LD, but when he said he wanted to spend his time at home I declined. This was good since it allowed us to visit my parents in Richmond - even though both of us were groggy and could have easily spent the day napping. We know there are only a few of these visits left - we don't brush them off.

Grandson and Granddad
Mama and me see eye to eye
And so .. here I am with this whole day to spend any way I want. And as I fritter away time on the computer, Freecell competing with Facebook - well - hrm. Seems a little wasteful. 


So what do I want today to have held?

A little luxury
Some productivity
Some sunny outdoor indulgence

Okay - that sounds like daffodil planting, a brisk walk, some baking (we sorely need fresh bread in this house) and a bubble bath - with knitting in front of a chick flick to follow. 

Yup. Sounds like I've got a plan. Just as soon as I watch that daffodil video clip from last spring. 



  1. Ah....daffs! Plant a couple for your up-to-her-knees-in-snow northern cyberfriend, eh? :-)

  2. Yep, time to plant. You're inspiring me! ct

  3. Sounds like a great holiday for you and your family.

    I had no idea daffodils were planted this early.