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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Got the ENFP Blues

Do you know what ENFP means? I've certainly blabbed enough about it over the years. That is where I fall out on the Meyers/Briggs Personality Test. I'm an Extroverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive sort of person. I solve my problems with others, not by myself, I grasp issues in a flash rather than come to a conclusion, I feel things long before I have the facts to back them up, and I'm constantly seeing through the layers to some core motivation. ENFP's  are process people and seldom take pleasure in accomplishments. It takes time for them to react to conclusion because they're so busy in the now - it takes them a while to stop and look at where they've been. This is true for successes and creations and productions. Evidently it is also true for the down side stuff.

Ever since BD's good eye (meaning, with out it, he's blind) began giving him trouble I've been dealing with it, intuiting the best moves to make, perceiving the right things to say, opening myself to the best way to be so that he can concentrate on getting as better as he can. Today, I woke up suddenly realizing that if he doesn't get better ... we will have to make enormous changes. It means these good times will be over. My brain assures me that we can make these changes and find new good times, but my heart doesn't feel very happy about them. Today I've got the Blues.

Today I feel out of sorts with the world. Today, other people seem alien to me. Today I don't feel confident about where the next step should go. Today is hard. Today it would be easy to spiral down into a self feeding depression.

Guess I need more exercise. And there is always housework. I believe I will clean my refrigerator.


  1. Hmmmm....We may be VirgoSoulSisters,but I'm an ISTJ...And yet U often feel as you do today.

    Isn't cleening one's fridge good exercise? Failing that, haul out the vaccum!


  2. I'm sorry things are looking bleak today, my ENFP pal (I'm ENFP, too!). I hope tomorrow looks rosy & less stressful.

  3. I'm an NF but I'm an introvert. (I've got some extroverted tendencies, though.)

    You are extremely resourceful. No matter what happens, you'll work through it. However, believe in good things to come.

    Kick those blues right out. Tell them they are not welcome!

    Wishing peace and love.