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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hosts of golden daffoidls

That's the plan. I want people who visit me, lonley or not, in late March and throughout April, to stumble upon hosts and hosts of golden daffodils. Golden ones, white ones, ones with pink cups or split coronas, species daffodils, narcissi, the whole range of them. I have about 1600 of them right now, though only about 900 of them are naturalized. The many others are spread about in my old flower garden. One of these days I'll dig those babies all up and remake the garden, but I haven't gotten there yet. BD asked me once, "Just how many daffodils do you need?" In a flash I answered "3,000 of them". I'm about half way there.

Yesterday I planted 50 more and, I'm glad to report, I didn't slice through a single already-planted bulb as I stepped on the shovel. That's because I made this little video clip last year while the flowers were at their height - and identified the blank spaces along the walk.

I'm proud of myself for getting them in so early - usually I'm scrambling around on New Year's Day, trying to get this year's purchases in the ground. I have even been known to plant them in February and March but those bulbs don't do too well till the following spring. I have 30 more to get in the ground today and I will go see what's still on sale at the feed store in town. Maybe I can get in another 50 before it's time to concentrate completely on Christmas.

And when I am done - I will sit down and work on knitted sleeves. A knitting report tomorrow.

Welcome, Yule!

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  1. I hope you'll let me use your "daffodil walk" as a portrait setting!! <3