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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Can there ever be too many nature photos? BD often asks me why I am always taking pictures of the same thing - I suppose because each photo I take is an attempt to capture a moment - a rush of feeling - a gasp of wonder - to suck in the fragrance of a season and hold it tight inside. Whatever the prompting - there's no denying I find each one special and after all, this is my blog, my camera, even my forest. And confess - aren't you tempted to venture down this path? Wouldn't you like to peer up through this window to see this heavenly sky? 

Today is the library Friends' autumn event which they are calling Tastes of the Season. Local cooks who bake for sale have been invited to bring a single dish to the library and all the Friends have been invited to come and taste - and order if they should like - a signature dish for the holidays. We have 8 cooks, caterers and small restaurants represented. It's the first time we've done something like this but if we all enjoy it, I think it would be a splendid way to kick off the holiday season around here. 

This is also the last New Thing I have on my autumn schedule. We still have lots going on over the next 2 months, but they are all things I've done before and feel confident I can carry off with aplomb.  After today I am on track to slide into the holidays with ease. In fact - before you know it - this will be the natural beauty I'm looking for on my walks through the forest. 

So - may your Sunday be sweet.

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