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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The E-World - all text, no photos.

This weekend a special friend will be watching her daughter get married. I wish I could be there just to see the glow in her eyes as the pageant unfolds. What is special is that we are Internet buds - we met on-line and though we've also gotten together IRL as I used to see people say ... in fact, we are very much real friends.

This has me thinking about all the contacts that happen due to the magic of electricity. Most of my on-line buddies are knitting/spinning/fiber friends - though now that facebook has us all chattering with bits-0-info, I'm at least keeping up with long lost cousins and grown up Story Hour Kids who are now out in the world getting ready to take the power out of us old guyz handz. And then there are the odd connections - the random bumping into each other that happens, probably when someone clicks a next button. One can follow that path down the most winding landscape to discover such stumblings and puzzlements. For example, Blasé left a comment on yesterdays goofy angst ridden post about choosing a yarn for a project ... and I had to wonder why - so I followed back through the layers of webpages to discover a blog displaying the quirkiest sense of humor about random happenings. I can only figure I was what popped up when he hit  next.

Random. That's the real surprise about TheInternets. It's all just out there and you never know what you're going to bump into. 

So. It's Saturday. I have fortylevendyhundred mountains of laundry to do now that it's stopped raining and I can get clothes hung on the line. Tomorrow is a Library Event - the last big one of the autumn - after that I am going to coast downhill into the holidays, with lots of Days Off. It's been a jam packed 3 months of truly wonderful things at work, but the pace has been grueling. I am completely, utterly, totally, ready to take a break and merely check books in and out and be nice to 150 people a day. 

Mr.Horoscope, though, has this to tell me:  What are you now tempted to attempt? They say, 'There's no harm in trying...' That all depends, though, on quite what it is you are trying to do. Attempted crimes, for example, still attract a big sentence. Nor, is it ever a good idea to try someone's patience. If, this week, you try something there truly is no harm in, you may yet do an awful lot of good. Make an effort. Do all you can to be a healing presence; a kind supportive soul, and an island of wisdom in a sea of insanity. You may, or may not, achieve total success but you will gain a real sense of victory through striving to do the right thing for the right reason. 

Well. I am sure that is just the advice I need to start knitting a garment with seventy-bazillion stitches in it. You all will be delighted to know I bought the Camelino yarn yesterday. Let us hope that is what he is referring to, since I am hardly likely to switch over to a Life-0-Crime. Let us also hope I don't have a lot of people expecting me to wade around in their insanity healing them. In fact, it is time for EveryoneElse in my world to pamper me. I have been busy enough. 

Happy Saturday to you all.

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