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Saturday, November 13, 2010

27 Balls of Yarn

This is what 27 balls of yarn looks like. 2 bags of 10 and another bag of 7. A bit daunting, but exciting. Mostly, though, I am disciplining myself to Finish my Now to be collar-less shawl collared vest without sleeves. There are only a few more rows to do on the button band and it will be done. I am not 100% happy with how the button band looks ... it's a little loose. I will block it - and wear it - and if I am still not happy I'll rip out that band and reknit it more tightly. 

Blocking does take care of a multitude of defects.

But this box of yarn is beckoning me, and its siren song is quite a bit louder than the mewling plaints of the almost finished Christmas Socks for BD and that ball of yarn for making LD's Christmas Socks that is somewhere in this house. I am going to have some long stretches of down time in the next week or so - waiting times that are good for filling up with knitting. I will do my dooty by those Christmas Socks, including digging up the missing yarn while cleaning the house today, but for the most part I am going to concentrate on this box of brick colored goodness. 

 I stepped outside early this morning, before the sun had peeped over the treeline. This is a view looking south  along the east end of the farm and you can see the gegenschein towards the west. I often catch this in the evening, especially in summertime, when the pink of sunset glow actually forms a rim around the whole farm.

Just bring that view in a little closer and you can see the vivid colors of autumn, still rich and delicious even as we roll through November towards Thanksgiving. The long drought, late rains and warm temperatures have prolonged our colorful display - but yesterday we got our first frost. Today there was another one. These colors won't last long and soon the trees will stand skeletal against the winter skies. 

I couldn't resist taking a few more shots - I never tire of autumn and I smugly believe I live in the prettiest place in the whole world - even if we don't have ocean waves or mountain backdrops. Who else has a house peeping out from behind a forest fringe?

Or a back yard that glows?

Of course - what I am really doing is postponing the monumental Heap-0-Housework I need to do today if I want to be able to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Alas. Now that I have confessed I am unable to linger in play. So. Off I go - reminding myself that caressing my possessions, even if it is with a dust cloth,  is a privilege, not an obligation. Right?  Yeah. Right.

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