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Friday, November 19, 2010

Jack Helps Out

Jack offers to help
  Inches of Adobe colored knitting were added to the project yesterday but there is nothing that will convey the shape of this dress as yet. Jack offered to help but we all know the dangers of letting someone else knit on your project - and they all have to do with gauge, don't they? Yes.

Jack finds stockinette so boring
Besides, he soon found stockinette just too too utterly boring. "If I can't knit cables I'd just as soon nap" he complained.

Fortunately, I don't find it boring - it's fun. And the fabric that's developing is yummy to the touch. Just the right bouncy feeling but with a stability to it I really like. I could imagine knitting something else out of this very nice yarn ... so long as I can keep getting it at this very nice price.

Hmm. Feeling strangely unchatty today - but I am sure that won't last. Look for photos of dress bodice this weekend.  Ta.


  1. Oh my! That nap looks so wonderful! So this is what dog heaven looks like, a beautiful couch with plumpy cushions and a piece of knitting that smelles like mum ;-)

  2. Jack is beautiful. Looks like he was at least gentle with your project before he fell asleep!

  3. I am so jealous - your Jack is so good with your knitting! My Sally (a labrador as well) really loves my knitting. Every time she escapes inside (definitely has to be an outside dog) she scans the room and if she spots my knitting lying around, as it invariably is, she will swoop down on it, scoop it up in her ever-so-drooly mouth and dash away outside with it with me chasing madly after her!

    She is the same with my spinning fibre, too. Just yesterday my latest batt had to be rescued from the depths of her throat before she swallowed it.

    Was Jack ever like that? Do I have some hope of Sally growing out of this fibre-loving phase? She is 18 months old right now - still a puppy at heart. Sigh!